Frontiers in Cell Migration & Mechanotransduction

May 24 - 26, 2011 NIH

Natcher Conference Center, Main Auditorium

Building 45, Bethesda MD

Meeting Overview

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The past few years has witnessed enormous progress in cell migration and mechanotransduction. The Frontiers in Cell Migration & Mechanotransduction meeting, a joint effort of the Cell Migration Consortium and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, is designed to showcase this progress. The meeting features presentations by researchers developing and utilizing new technologies and approaches for studying basic mechanisms of migration and mechanotransduction in both biological and pathological settings. The meeting seeks to catalyze the translation of new knowledge and experimental approaches in cell migration and mechanotransduction into biological and disease related research, and develop a roadmap for further understanding these phenomena at the molecular, cellular and organismal level.

Organizers: Rick Horwitz, Tom Parsons, and Martin Schwartz (University of Virginia)

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